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About Me

Get to know the woman behind the business

I am a life coach that is dedicated to helping her clients. At times, life can throw you into a whirlwind and you become stuck and believe there is no way out. I am here to help you find the way to unlock your trail and footpath to a joyful and meaningful fulfillment of life. As we take this journey together, you and I will open up closed doors that will help you to communicate, listen and learn about yourself, your family members and friends. You will discover and understand how you have been taught from generation to generation to carry the same behavioral patterns. These patterns have a tendency to hinder oneself in achieving their true goal. You will begin to identify the reason and rationale of the obstacle that has challenged and hindered your setback. I am here to listen to your complaints, objections and disputes. I will help you find a way to resolve these dilemmas with a positive outcome and resolution. If you are dealing with family situations, couple disputes, problems with your children or self-esteem issues in oneself, I am here to be of assistance if you find me to be the appropriate life coach for you. I cater to all classifications of individuals. I accommodate my skills to those who have been recently released from incarceration and think that no one cares. I also aid single moms and dads who ponder that life is demanding and burdensome on them. Let's discuss and exchange dialogue to create and construct a new life direction. I hope to see you soon at Upp North Life Coaching. Keep your eyes gazed at Upp North!

My Mission

With clarity of thought and precision of expression I bring my energy and qualified degree into the atmosphere of what conversation is needed to qualify a solution to your situation.

My Perception

To help those achieve a breakthrough to move forward in life. Assisting client’s in being aware of life triggers and enabling them to address their own situation by building self-awareness and self- consciousness. Unlocking family repetitive patterns and behaviors that promote power struggle and dysfunctional cognitive thought process which maintains individual’s disruptive behavior and emotions. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Family Therapy, so I am qualified to help you in multiple areas in your life.

My Skills


Directional/Critical thinking

Trouble shooting/Complex problem solving