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Welcome to Upp North LLC!

Upp North LLC is a life coaching service that helps people with life coaching at any age. Our clients can rest assure that we are always available to provide prompt, courteous, and professional services.Upp North LLC is here to help those achieve a breakthrough to move forward in life. Assisting clients in being aware of life triggers and enabling them to address their own situation by building self-awareness and self- consciousness. Unlocking family repetitive patterns and behaviors that promote power struggle and dysfunctional cognitive thought process which maintains individual’s disruptive behavior and emotions. Allow Upp North LLC to be the guiding light to your wellness.

Why Get a Life Coach?

  • ~ For Motivation
  • ~ To Improve Self Esteem
  • ~ To Set Better Goals
  • ~ To Make Better Decisions
  • ~ To Work Through Past Hurt
  • ~ Family Disputes
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What are people saying about Upp North LLC?

Miss Jones is a wonderful all around person. She has coached me through a lot of personal everyday situations that have greatly made a good influence on my life. She is a great listener who is always there and gives great advice. She is a very trustworthy and real person who gives it to you how it is but also very kind and nurturing. I am happy to have met such an awesome person.

- Alicia G.

Yulonda is a great person to know. Always lending an ear to hear any problems or concerns I may have and without judgement. Always giving the best advice. She’s a great help and great person in many ways.

- Samantha R.

Working with Ms. Jones was a life changing experience. She helped me to reach new heights in my career and to finally succeed in personal and family goals. I was able to tackle my insecurities with Ms. Jones’ guidance and was able to grow as a man with more confidence in myself. I come from a family with no western values and all I know is western values and with Ms. Jones’ support, she has helped me feel comfortable in my own skin whereas my motives were to please my siblings and always put them before myself. I’m truly grateful for Ms. Jones.

- Anonymous