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We offer an array of services that will meet your needs.

Life Coaching

People need life coaching to help them identify their goals and obstacles they are facing. Life coaching will provide guidance and support along with leadership in helping the client identify their symptoms and the underlying factors that prevent one from achieving success.

Marriage Counseling

Sometimes, healthy marriages go through trials and tribulations. Not everything will be perfect even when a couple loves each other. I provide marriage counseling to married couples who are having issues with communication or other issues.

Grief Counseling

Grief can strike at different times for different reasons. Death, breakups, divorce, illness, etc. My goal is to provide a listening ear and resources to help my clients to work through their grief.

Counseling for Troubled Children

Does your child suffer from low self-esteem, poor self control, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, etc? Are they causing a disruption in the family unit? I provide counseling for teens and young children so that they will have a friendly, neutral ear to listen to them

Single Parent Resources

Single fathers and mothers who have a hard time finding the proper resources to care for their children are welcome to resources from UppNorth. Some of these resources include clothing agencies, financial counseling, tax advice, etc.

Divorce Counseling

Divorce is a hard thing for families to go through. I provide counseling to those married couples who have decided to end their marriage. I help them work through their feelings and start the healing process.

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